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What is ARP Physician Support Services?

The ARP Program Management Office (ARP PMO) has been renamed “ARP Physician Support Services” (ARP PSS) and will be part of the Alberta Medical Association (AMA). The mandate of the program has changed to the following: to support physicians in the exploration, development and implementation of alternative relationship plans. Previously, the ARP PMO was a neutral, independent organization supporting all clinical ARP stakeholders. This change to a physician-focused support program will allow the ARP PSS to serve current and prospective clinical ARP physicians more effectively.

What is a clinical Alternative Relationship Plan (cARP)?

A cARP is a physician compensation model that provides an alternative to the fee-for-service (FFS) payment method.  It compensates physicians for providing a set of clinical services at defined facilities to a target patient population. Clinical ARPs can help to align physician compensation incentives with overall health system objectives (e.g., innovation in clinical service, team-based approach, optimal chronic disease management, etc.). For some physicians, simply being paid differently can enable them to deliver services in a manner better suited to them and their patients.

cARP vs Academic Medicine and Health Services Program (AMHSP)

An  AMHSP is a compensation model for physicians who teach, do research, have a leadership role and do clinical work at Alberta universities or medical facilities. Learn more about AMHSP.

Funding Models

The compensation model used for a clinical ARP can take several forms; three models are currently available.

How to apply

Start by reading the typical steps involved in the process of establishing a clinical ARP.

Map of Current Clinical ARPs

Alberta currently has 61 Clinical ARPs in operation. Find the closest one to you here.

To learn more about cARPs

To learn more about cARPs

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