Stakeholder Roles


Physicians may choose to participate in a clinical Alternative Relationship Plan (ARP) as an alternative to fee-for-service by partnering with their AHS Zone Representative to develop a clinical ARP program. In doing so, their rights, privileges and responsibilities as physicians in Alberta are maintained.

Alberta Health Services (AHS)

Alberta Health Services delivers health services and supports to residents of Alberta and is responsible for all hospitals, continuing care facilities, community health services and public health programs in the province. In collaboration with physicians, AHS may choose to develop a clinical ARP for the provision of insured clinical services to a defined population or program.

Alberta Health (AH)

Alberta Health is the Government of Alberta ministry responsible for health policy, legislation and standards, allocating resources, developing and supporting the health system, ensuring accountability and administering various provincial programs. AH is accountable to the Minister of Health for all activities undertaken related to the clinical ARP Program.

Alberta Medical Association (AMA)

The Alberta Medical Association stands as an advocate for physician members, providing leadership and support for their role in the provision of quality health care. The Alberta Medical Association represents physicians as a whole in the clinical ARP process.



The clinical ARP framework supports transparency, equity, and consistency across the clinical ARP Program in Alberta.

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