Purpose & Guiding Principles


A clinical ARP is a physician compensation model that provides an alternative to the fee-for-service payment method.  A clinical ARP can support innovation in clinical service, and enhance one or more of the following five dimensions:

  • Recruitment and retention
  • Team-based approach
  • Access
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Value for money

Guiding Principles

  • Voluntary participation
    • Physician participation is voluntary.
    • Participating physicians who wish to return to the fee-for-service payment method can do so and maintain their right to practice in Alberta.
    • The consequences of a physician’s withdrawal from an ARP must be defined within the specific ARP agreement.
  • Physician professional autonomy is maintained
  • Partnerships between physicians, Alberta Health Services (AHS) and other healthcare organizations, where appropriate
  • Clear eligibility criteria and terms of agreements
    • Eligibility criteria will be consistent and clearly communicated to physicians, AHS and other healthcare organizations, where appropriate.
    • Terms and conditions for agreements will be clear and consistent with respect to meeting the eligibility criteria while being sufficiently flexible and innovative to address service needs of physicians, AHS and other healthcare organizations, where appropriate.
  • Standards of care
    • Best practice and high standards of care will be integral components of every ARP.
  • Fair and equitable payment rate
    • Physicians will receive fair and equitable payment within provincial payment rates for their area of practice.  Payment to physicians will continue to be made from the Provincial Physician Service Budget and will go directly to physicians.
    • Physicians will continue to have access to benefits under the Physician Services Budget.
  • Support for infrastructure/tools required
    • Physicians, AHS and other healthcare organizations, where appropriate have a responsibility to ensure success, including providing management infrastructure, management information systems, leadership functions, reporting and evaluation.
  • Monitoring and evaluation
    • Activities and outcomes will be subject to monitoring and evaluation.
    • Measures will be developed by the parties to meet the monitoring and evaluation needs of Alberta Health, including indicators of:
      • activity/compliance with agreement;
      • cost/efficiency;
      • goals achievement/effectiveness; and
      • appropriateness.
Funding Models

Funding Models

The compensation model used for a clinical ARP can take several forms; three models are currently available. All three compensate physicians based on a specified service delivery model - Annualized, Sessional, and Blended Capitation.

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