The Clinical ARP Framework consists of two parts:         

1.  the Clinical ARP Program Parameters that set out the general rules for all clinical ARPs, and

2.  the Clinical ARP Conditions of Payment which set out the particular details for each clinical ARP.

    Clinical ARP Framework Explained

The Clinical ARP Program Parameters include:                   
  • the roles and responsibilities of participating physicians and authorized representatives,
  • rules for claiming and receiving compensation,
  • and templates and rules for physicians who want to join a clinical ARP or who want to terminate their participation in a clinical ARP.
Clinical ARP Program Parameters
Included in the Conditions of Payment (CoP) are:
  • the funding details,
  • the goals of the clinical ARP,
  • the program services its participating physicians will provide,
  • a description of the patients to whom those program services will be provided,
  • the service delivery model, and
  • details on the reporting requirements.

CoP template samples;

Annualized CoP

Sessional CoP


Current cARP Rates

Current cARP Rates

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