Clinical ARP Rates


In the annualized model, the maximum approved funding for the ARP is equal to the Provincial Base Payment Rate (PBPR) multiplied by the number of approved full-time equivalents (FTEs).  PBPRs were originally derived from the 2002/03 fiscal year fee-for-service (FFS) billings for full-time (1.0 FTE) physicians in a specific specialty using Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) methodology. All rates were adjusted in subsequent years by the same sectional increases awarded to FFS physicians through periodic re-negotiations and sectional allocations. The current PBPRs are listed in the following table.

A FTE is a time-based unit of measure (e.g., days per year or hours per year), which is typically derived from the average days worked (ADW) per year for 1.0 FTE in each specialty.  For general practitioners (GPs), a common FTE definition is 241 Program Service Days (PSDs), where a PSD equals program services provided within 24-hour period from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.  Another common GP FTE definition is 1,928 annual hours of program service per 1.0 FTE.  Although this is managed as an annual figure, it was derived from taking the GP ADW of 241 days multiplied by eight hours per day.  The number of approved FTEs for the ARP is calculated based on a reasonable amount of program services that can be delivered by each 1.0 FTE.

Provincial Base Payment Rates as of April 1, 2017
Specialty Average Payments per 1.0 FTE ($) Average Days Worked per Year
Anaesthesiology $388,530.63 198
Critical Care $517,952.41 187
Emergency Medicine $336,164.24 179
General Practice $364,582.42 241
General Surgery $517,102.86 230
Internal Medicine $330,514.19 221
Obstetrics $465,724.36 230
Orthopaedics $474,318.89 220
Psychiatry $323,513.09 214

Note:  all other specialties are considered off-template.  For information on these specialty rates contact ARP PSS


In a sessional clinical ARP, compensation is based on an hourly rate for the delivery of clinical services.  This model applies to small, specialized programs and is intended for part-time participation up to an average of two days (16 hours) per week.

The current clinical ARP sessional rates are:

General practice$221.73 per hour

Specialist$221.73 per hour 

Blended Capitation

Blended Capitation rates for each rostered patient are based on age, gender, and Clinical Risk Group (CRG) category. Two historical capitation clinical ARP programs are still in operation. For these programs, capitation rates for each rostered patient are based on age and gender. 

These historical models are no longer available to new applicants. New applicants interested in a capitation model should review the details for the new Blended Capitation model.


Current cARPs

Currently there are 60 cARPs in Alberta.

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