Initial Development

New clinical ARP

Initial development begins when a physician group or Alberta Health Services (AHS) identifies physician services that could benefit from being structured under a clinical ARP.  This could include a service gap or existing services that struggle under compensation structure in use.  At this stage, physicians and AHS seek out assistance of ARP PSS to explore whether a clinical ARP may be a good fit to address the service gap or service inadequacy.

Existing clinical ARP

If an existing clinical ARP needs an expansion (i.e., an increase to the maximum number of full-time equivalents (FTEs) or program service hours), the physician group can contact AHS and ARP PSS to begin the application process.  ARP PSS can also assist physician groups and AHS with an application process if substantive changes to an existing ARP are required (e.g., changes to program services).

Consent forms

In the development of a clinical ARP proposal, physician groups, Alberta Health Services (AHS), and ARP PSS need access to data about the services already provided by physicians who would become part of the clinical ARP.  They request this data from Alberta Health (AH) and AHS.

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act governs the disclosure of physicians’ personal information, including their billing information. In order to adhere to the FOIP Act and other applicable laws, AH requires that physicians submit consent forms that authorize AH to disclose this information to ARP PSS. AH will not disclose personally identifiable information without prior consent.

Once physicians in the physician group have submitted consent forms, AH will provide information as required and authorized under the consent form throughout the development process. 


 Consent form template

Consent forms
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