Conditions of Payment (CoP)

Once a signed clinical ARP (cARP) application has been received by Alberta Health (AH), staff will begin on drafting the cARPs Condition of Payment (CoP).

Upon approval, AH drafts the cARPs CoP.  The CoP is populated based on the contents of the application form.  AH circulates the draft CoP to the physician group and Alberta Health Services (AHS) for review and feedback.

Once feedback is received, AH circulates the updated CoP to the Clinical ARP Designates at the Alberta Medical Association (AMA), AHS, and AH for their final review and recommendation to the Minister.  Then the physicians sign Letters of Participation (LOP) and submit them (and other required paperwork) to AH.  Once the Minister has approved their LOP, those physicians become participating physicians and may be compensated for the provisions of program services under the cARP.

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Annualized CoP

Sessional CoP

cARP Support and Resources

cARP Support and Resources

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