Academic Medicine and Health Services Program (AMHSP)

This information is intended to help you understand the Academic Medicine and Health Services Program, but the language in the "Alberta Academic Medicine and Health Services Program: Background Information & Alberta Health Policies" document ultimately speaks for itself. 


To create a financial, governance, and accountability platform for:

  • Providing and enhancing high quality health care;
  • Exceling in medical education and training of physicians and other learners;
  • Providing and fostering strong leadership;
  • Supporting advancement of knowledge through scientific and applied research, and;
  • Disseminating and applying results while innovating across all activities to benefit Albertans and beyond.


To achieve excellence in health via academic medicine.


To improve health by providing outstanding clinical, education, research, and leadership services.


  • To continuously improve clinical service quality standards;
  • To achieve and sustain excellence in focused priority areas of basic, clinical, translational, and applied research;
  • To prepare learners to be outstanding clinicians, researchers, teachers, and leaders;
  • To recruit and retain an appropriate and excellent academic clinical workforce;
  • To drive continuous, rigorously evaluated, evidence-based innovation; and
  • To promote and support effective health system stewardship.

AMHSP Background Information

The AMHSP was developed by Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services and the Universities to encourage retention and recruitment of physicians who provide the unique combination of innovative clinical, teaching, research and leadership/administrative activities.

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Currently there are 14 Arrangements that have been created under the AMHSP Master Agreement and it is expected several more will be added over then next few years.  Participating physicians sign Individual Service Agreements under the Arrangement.

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AMHSP Governance Structure

The AMHSP governance structure is intended to give stakeholder organizations and participating physicians a mechanism by which they can participate in the AMHSP and provide advice to the Minister in a fair and transparent manner. In addition, it is meant to align collective efforts to advance the AMHSP vision, mission, goals and strategic plans for achieving excellence in academic medicine.

The AMHSP Governance Structure is comprised of:

  • Provincial Strategy Committee 
  • Provincial Operations Committee
  • North and South Sector Steering Committees
  • Department Level Management Committees

AMHSP Contract Agreements

  • Master Agreement – outlines the general terms and conditions of the AMHSP along with the government funding provided for clinical services, non-clinical services and program support. There are two Master Agreements – one for the North Sector (Edmonton) and one for the South Sector (Calgary).
  •  Individual Services Agreement (ISA) – for each individual participating physician, this document outlines further terms and conditions along with the individual payment rate and service expectations (e.g., position profile, FTE breakdown, services to be provided, performance metrics, etc.).
  •  Letter of participation – for each participating physician, the letter binds them to the AMHSP. If a physician leaves the AMHSP, a Letter of Termination is then submitted.

For more details on the AMHSP please contact your ARP PSS Consultant.

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Reach out to the ARP PSS

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